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Functional Entropy is an online community where people can share random thoughts, debate political issues, discuss philosophical issues, ponder the meaning of life, post the "joke of the day", speak their minds freely, etc etc etc.

And yes, the old "PC Vs. Mac War" threads can happen here; I will allow that. People, just please keep the flames down to a minimum -- keep the discussion to the machines and operating system and do NOT attack another poster for his opinion either way. Thanks.

And finally: RACIAL DESCRIMINATION IS NOT ALLOWED. If I even have to explain that one, you most likely don't have an open of enough mind to be here. So leave. Thanks muchly.

Anyone can "join" and read the forum (and leave comments), but only "approved" memebers can make posts. It's easy to become approved though: just email me (cyrius) or leave me a comment about it on my LJ (cyrius.livejournal.com).