Timothy (cyrius) wrote in f_entropy,

The Rules

Yeah yeah, just like any public place in reality, there are some rules to Functional Entropy.

First off, anyone can join and the read the forum, but only "approved" members can actually make posts. It's fairly easy to become approved though. Just email me or leave a comment for me in my LJ (#!/usr/bin/entropy). Unless you've done something to seriously piss me, or any of the other moderators, off in the past, you'll be given posting access rather quickly.

Secondly, use the forums to discuss issues, randomness, social problems, the meaning of life, etc etc etc. DO NOT, BY ANY MEANS, USE THIS AS A PLATFORM TO ATTACK ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL!!! Doing so will result in immediate banning. (Note: an occasional comment or so is ok (I mean, this IS a place of free thought and expression) but do not turn a thread into (or start a thread on) a personal attack against someone. That is what is not acceptable).

Thirdly, the old "PC Vs. Mac War" debates are allowed here. All I ask is to keep the flames down to a minimum. Keep the discussion to the machines and operating system and do NOT attack another poster for his opinion either way.

Fourthly, we like troublemakers here =). Troublemakers start things and, overall, I see that as a good thing -- the more heated the debate, the better hehe. Just remember rule #2: attack the issue NOT the person.

Almost finally: RACIAL DESCRIMINATION IS NOT ALLOWED. If I even have to explain that one, you most likely don't have an open of enough mind to be here. So leave. Thanks muchly.

And finally: just have fun here. Don't be afraid to share your opinion and don't be afraid to ask me or any of the other moderators for posting access.

Peace Yall
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