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yea yea yea......that is a good question, is there a Dog? i dunno, lol, im pretty chillin' right now
oooh, groundhog day is on...that reminds me of a X-Files episode i saw (the only one ive seen). i dont feel like explaining the whole thing, so i can make my point in reference to Groundhog Day (becuase its the same idea and you should have seen that movie). bill murray is the only guy who KNOWS he is repeating the same day, but no one else does. how do we know that the space-time contiuum doesnt rely on some else's choices and decisions? how do we know that we dont repeat the same day over and over? it feels like a new day each time, unless we were the one that fate relied on, of course
im not sure how this movie ends again...i think
the X-Files episode was kinda cooler

g'night all
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